Business Process Modelling | Data Modelling | Microsoft Visio Training

Business Process Modeling

Business process models play a central role in describing, analyzing, improving, implementing, and monitoring business processes. They can serve as communication medium for professionals with different background and expertise, ranging from business administration, quality management and organizational development to process improvement, systems architectures and software development. Our aim is to either train your staff or help your team onsite to provide a common understanding and a common language to improve the communication during all phases of business process management projects.

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Data Modeling

Welcome to OpenCastLabs DataScience. Our Big Data experts will help you and your organization will help you model your data warehouse, information system structuring and alignment to your business’ bottom lines. We achieve these by:

  • Dimensional modeling
  • Data Warehouse design and conceptualization
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Creating ER Model
  • Model Validation
  • Cleaning & Transforming Data


Microsoft Visio Training

Microsoft Visio Professional 2013 makes it easier than ever for individuals and teams to create and share professional, versatile diagrams that simplify complex information. It includes all of the functionality of Visio Standard 2013 as well as updated shapes, templates, and styles; enhanced support for team collaboration, including the ability for several people to work on a single diagram at the same time; and the ability to link diagrams to data. Visio Professional 2013 also adds additional stencils for business and engineering diagrams; process diagrams (including Business Process Model and Notation [BPMN] 2.0); maps and floor plans; network diagrams; and software and database diagrams.

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