OpenCastLabs Education

We would love to give back to the community. OpenCastLabs offers free Microsoft Applications, Customer Service, Data Analysis trainings to programs that benefit the community. These could be non-profits that are wholly funded by the local community, homes for the aged & destitute, Rural Public Primary & Secondary School and many more.

Our Corporate Affairs evaluates case by case. Kindly send your proposal and a short write up on the following:

  1. About your organization
  2. What are the quantifiable benefits to the community it serves
  3. Your current source of funding & number of years in service
  4. The training need. Describe how the training you would like opencastlabs to offer will benefit the staff & volunteers
  5. Reasons why you can’t pay for a training program internally

Our team will evaluate your proposal and if it is successful, you will be notified in order to schedule a class, venue & date. OpenCastLabs will provide trainer(s) and training materials only.