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What is Good UX Design?

Are you one of those who think good UX is just a good looking design? Do you think you can use any of the available designs on the internet for your business or product? And is your designer or design agency know what is good UX?

Today many people and startups don’t understand the difference between Good looking design and UX. There are mainly two reasons for that, first is a lack of knowledge and second false marketing by design agencies and designers. In this article, I will try to explain both in simple language so you could choose the right design agency and hire a real UX designer for your business needs.

What is Good UX?

In simple words, any design that helps to accomplish customer goals by simplifying product usage and business goals is an example of good UX. E.g, User Onboarding flow, Website Landing Page, Payment flow, etc.


No worries, Let’s understand in this way. There are several factors involves in the UX design but 3 are the most important to design a good user experience.

Usefulness + Usable + Desirable = Great User Experience

Usefulness, Usable, Desirable leads to good UX

See an example of the 2 chairs showing below. Both are designed to fulfill the purpose:

Chair 1 – It’s good looking, Made of Costly Material

Chair 2 – It’s also good looking, Made of Wood

Good UX Example with Chairs
Good and Bad UX Example


Which chair will you buy as a customer? The obvious answer is chair 2, even chair 1 is more costly and looking nice. 

But how we prove it with the 3 factors shown above??

  1. Usefulness: Both chairs are useful as made for sitting purposes.
  2. Usable: When it comes to usability Chair 2 looks more comfortable. People can relax for hours but on Chair 1 it’s very difficult to sit for an hour.
  3. Desirable: From 2 products, every customer desire and will choose more a beautiful product. Here if we compare Chair 1 with Chair 2, which chair will attract users? Your correct Chair 2.  

So when you add all these 3 factors in a single product, it makes a great user experience for customers and will generate more money for the business. 

Same rule work for digital products if your product is well thought through, empathize it as per the user’s mental model and expectations. People will love to use it.

Save your Business from False Designers and Design Agency?

The birth year of User Experience in India is 1999, when several companies like Cognizant, Honeywell, Oracle, Phillips, Siemens, and so on, had already begun establishing their operations in India. Soon after 2000, several user experience and research-oriented companies like Design For Use, Human Factors International, Kern Communications Pvt. Ltd., and Onward Research began to realize their missions to engage users and satisfy user needs. From the year 2000 to today, UX gains tremendous popularity and becomes a need for every business because of its proven benefits. 

Today offered UX courses by HFI or any other companies are very costly. Everyone can not spend that much money to become a real UX practitioner. So designers and agencies in India started marketing themself a UX design agency and a UX designer. 

It’s recommended to everyone don’t be in this trap and choose a real design agency like Unqode and stop taking a risk with your business and product.

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