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Why empathy is important for any product design?

“My everything is at stake and I want to ensure the success of my product at any cost.” Every business has the same goal when launching a product, doesn’t matter whether it’s a new Startup or a big company. And to do so they spent lots of money on marketing but every time it won’t work because product success is dependent on many aspects. e.g, Is the product is solving customer problems? or how a product will survive if it has tough competition? Many people burn money in giving discounts, cashback, or many offers but only big companies like PayTM, Amazon can do it because they have a big pool full of money. Some people think I will hire a good design agency that will make a bright and good looking design to attract customers without doing any research whether that agency understand the User experience or not. So if you have a good design do you think you will win the market? Not really because just good design or good product is not enough for success.

If your product is well designed but unable to connect with people’s emotions it may not succeed in the longer run. So what to do now?
In that case, you need to know how to choose a design agency that is aware of the “empathy” concept in design.

Now, what is empathy in design? and how to use it while designing a product?

Empathy is nothing but an “emotional connect with user and product”, the product should have some triggers that touch the people’s sensitivity, feelings, and thoughts.

Let me explain to you with an example, without empathy your product is like someone is wearing daily wear clothes in marriage. Humans are very sensitive they only buying any product or service when they feel fear, jealousy, or happiness. Like in my example people buying new cloth because of fear of look old fashion. So apparel companies can use this fear as a marketing strategy and design their content and product accordingly.

Another way empathy is often what drives us to take action. If we see people suffering or struggling, and we are able to empathize with their situation, we are compelled to help relieve them in some way.

UX Designers have to create empathy for customers in order to take the right way of action. It’s important to learn how the customer senses when interacting with one product or user interface, does the layout of the website trigger feelings of frustration? What emotions does the user go through when navigating this app? 

In India, only 5% of designers understand empathy in design concepts and Unqode is one of them if you want to make a product that connects with people to ensure success. Contact with Unqode – A UX design agency in India which is a pure UX-design agency that makes the truly user-centric design.

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